The Inner Beauty

Most of the people who would understand the value of inner beauty, will definitely agree with me. Physical attributes of a person are not what defines them best, their personality does in a far more better way.

Whether it’s a person or an animal or for that matter any being in this world, if you can see the inner beauty, I am sure you will love it. I believe that’s the reason why pets are famous in our world & the love given my your pet to you, it’s unconditional. Does it even know what color you’re, what’s your weight or height & still it gives you the same affection.

Some people love doing social work , on the other hand some likes to explore the nature, it’s the true personality / the beauty of a being or a thing that enables us to act in a kind way. Some of us love their pets, some their parents & some of us the first gift that your love gave you. What always will matter is the content. I would like to end this with a very famous quote ” Never judge a book by it’s cover “.

We all are beautiful and unique in our own way, the only time you feel ugly when you start comparing with other or you start to believe other perception of beauty. I have my own definition of beauty and so does’s just a matter of exploring
It will always matter who you’re, what is your personality & what you do in the long run. Because one day beauty will fade, bones will become weak, muscles will have to retire but what will matter is the personality which will stay alive.
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I Want To Be Special To Someone

I just happen to receive a mail from someone asking to write something about how I feel about the people who have a special place in my life.

Here something that comes out of my mind on this ;

This is just a glimpse of what it really means when we say that ” I want to be special to Someone ” ;
The feeling or just a thought of being special to someone gives a total smile on our faces and we feel something even i cannot describe here. What I can is that whenever we start expecting to be treated as special by somebody, either we get so excited that we hamper it our self or the other way round, we are disappointment.
So what’s wrong in expecting and wanting to be special to someone ? I say, its totally fine ! We always have the right to feel the way we have always wanted about a person, whether being special to your parents or your friends or for that matter the person you love the most. Just remember that it won’t work that long if it’s one sided, so when you expect something please be ready and give that person what it needs to be special, so that neither of you get disappointment.

I have many of them in my life with whom it sometimes feels like there’s hardly any bonding, but all the spark comes back whenever we talk or for that matter even meet. It’s not possible for everybody to give a special place to everyone in their life, but it does matter how much you have the equation of the relationship solved with that person. For friends (the good ones) it a month, a year or even two doesn’t matter, what matters is the attitude the person carries towards us.

That’s all i have on this, because it feels great when you’re surrounded by people who always care for you and will do whatever to keep that smile on your face intact. I am glad that I have many of them in my life & wish the same for you all.
Keep Smiling and have a good life !

PS : Do tell people how you feel about them if they can’t make out because just remember they are also human beings and they don’t have any sixth sense to read your feeling automatically. 🙂 🙂

12 Reasons Why Army Kids Are The Coolest, Most Awesome People Ever !

Anybody with an army background would agree that army kids really are a different league altogether. Whether you admit it or not, there’s always an air of awesomeness that surrounds them, wherever they go, whatever they do. Right from their confidence to their striking personalities, we tell you what makes them so cool.

1. They travel while they’re growing up.

They’ve seen places you haven’t even heard of. They’ve seen the world the way nobody else ever will!They’re travelers, not tourists.They’ve traveled so much, they can recognize places just by the way the air smells. This quality gives them a never ending hunch for adventure and activeness to explore new places & cultures.

2. Having changed more than 5 schools before completing their education, they’re smart, confident and outgoing.

The variety of colleagues they have all over the country is far more than the amount of rings you can wear on your all ten fingers. Moreover, having taught by a lot of teachers, where each of them imparts their own culture and teachings, they happen to rock the outside world. 

P.S.– And yeah ! With the experience of punishments they get from all places is enough to face a Goblin in an interview. 😛

3. And of course, making friends wherever they go is never a problem.

Yeah, even when it’s an alien.

4.They’re great conversationalists.

You can never get bored talking to them. They always have interesting stories to tell from the places they’ve traveled to.

P.S.– They will keep you engaged in their conversation until you enter their love life ! 😛

5.While you were playing gully cricket, they were probably trying their hands on horse riding, golf or polo!

This does not mean they haven’t experienced gully cricket, but the scope of learning a wide variety of sports is what you get in the army.

P.S.– And they still have their table manners and gentlemen etiquette very much in place.

6.They’re so well brought up they learn to live in any given condition.

They’ve endured the scorching sun and survived the harshest cold. If you need to learn survival skills, you know where to go! And mind you surviving at a temp below minus 20 degrees will just freeze your spine.

7. While most of you are busy looking this on the dance floor, they know how to woo the ladies in the room with their sophistication.

Its simply awesome because,they have style. They dress well, speak well and behave well. 

8. When they go grocery shopping to their canteens, they can go crazy buying whatever they want, however much they want without shelling out too much money! 

At last, they have the biggest discounts over thousand of products & that too is not a limited offer !!! 😛

P.S.– Not to forget, the cheap liquor! Cheers ! 🙂

9.Thanks to the reputed background they hail from, they’re much more aware about national issues than anyone else in their friend circle.

Give them a chance to enlighten you with their knowledge, mind you ! You will be amazed.

10.Tanks, rifles, guns – they get to see all the cool stuff!

11.They know patriotism like no one else. They whole heartedly prepare themselves for the fact that their fathers may never return, just for the sake of the nation’s security. They’re Indian at heart.

12.They’re good at almost everything they do. And history has it, army kids make great superstars! 

P.S.– Priyanka Chopra is my favorite, 😛 🙂

The things that are mentioned above are just few highlights from the life of an army brat. No doubt that they are the coolest and have awesomeness running through their veins, but on the other side there are people from non army background who have many qualities that makes them the Best in their lot.  Just that with some proper guidance and exposure you can nurture yourself as a perfect gentlemen !
Kudos to the Indian Army and their Brats !