The Inner Beauty

Most of the people who would understand the value of inner beauty, will definitely agree with me. Physical attributes of a person are not what defines them best, their personality does in a far more better way.

Whether it’s a person or an animal or for that matter any being in this world, if you can see the inner beauty, I am sure you will love it. I believe that’s the reason why pets are famous in our world & the love given my your pet to you, it’s unconditional. Does it even know what color you’re, what’s your weight or height & still it gives you the same affection.

Some people love doing social work , on the other hand some likes to explore the nature, it’s the true personality / the beauty of a being or a thing that enables us to act in a kind way. Some of us love their pets, some their parents & some of us the first gift that your love gave you. What always will matter is the content. I would like to end this with a very famous quote ” Never judge a book by it’s cover “.

We all are beautiful and unique in our own way, the only time you feel ugly when you start comparing with other or you start to believe other perception of beauty. I have my own definition of beauty and so does’s just a matter of exploring
It will always matter who you’re, what is your personality & what you do in the long run. Because one day beauty will fade, bones will become weak, muscles will have to retire but what will matter is the personality which will stay alive.
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Am I doing it right ?

While having a look at the USER MANUAL of a newly purchased phone, I happened to think about this topic.
Let’s have a look at it. How different would life would have been if it came with an user manual. A directory which contained things right from our birth till death, the problems, the troubleshooting etc. Can you imagine it?

Hell No! I can’t.
When we are a child, there are people around us to tell about things which are right and which are wrong. There are our parents to guide us on to a proper path so that their baby gets along life in an easy way as we all grow up.
As a teenager, there is a totally different picture. There are times when we happen to think that we’re grown enough to take our own decisions and sometimes we just cry about some wrong path we take. Well, it is totally justified. As a free being, we have the right to decide the path we will traverse. It’s totally fair to decide what kind of people we wanna hang out with & share our feelings with. Overall, It’s our take on what kind of life we want to have.
Am I doing it right ? Yes ! You are.

There has never been a definite way of living. Different people will have different lives, different friends and totally different outcomes, expectations & achievements in life. We have the right to choose things for us and do our best to achieve those. What if we fail, neighter we were never given an user mannual to troubleshoot various problems we come across on daily basis, nor we want one.

The various problems and challenges that we face in our lives is what that brings the best out of our character. It’s the possibility that tomorrow will be a totally different day, which makes each day count and helps to keep up the spirits of living. Every failure we come across, gives us a chance to explore the options and come out again with a total preparation. Each of them is a stepping stone to something we intend to achieve in our lives.

Of course, there will be times when we will need advice from our elders, friends and others around us in order to tackle different situations in life. They would help us find the right path to travel upon so as to reach our goals, the tactics to solve various problems in our lives. And we will always be very grateful to them for their guidance.

I would like to end just by saying that,
There will be times when we will fall, we will feel low & depressed, we will loose, but we will definitely strike back every time with a greater force, much more enthusiasm and will keep on trying to achieve what we have always wanted.