Accepting People For What They Are !

The world wide web has made this huge world something even smaller than a village, but in reality if we see people have started to drift away from each other. Nowadays people don’t have qualities, they are classified by TYPES and we are the proud founders of that. We don’t interact with people who are not in our comfort zone ( well IĀ  am still looking for someone to perfectly justify their comfort zone). So what has changed over the years ? People ? We ? Something else ? Let me try to throw some light on this :

Human brain , the smartest of all i guess is a very good player in a very weird way. It always tends you to do things that you’re not supposed to. The worst thing about our brains ( according to me ) is that it is a very lazy and sluggish chap. Being the smartest , It performs every function efficiently but when it comes on moving out of the comfort zone, it will try it’s best not to. And this is how, we people have a very good habit of seeing people with a view that we have accomplished not what they actually are.

The worst thing in life what we do is , we define certain parameters for a set of things or qualities that are to be found in a person or something else. Partially , I agree that this helps to have a certainty of what you come across in daily life. But thinking it in a way that, expecting something from a person who can’t deliver us the required material, makes him useless. Is it fair enough ? I beg to differ in this.

I totally agree that, we have the right to choose everything in our lives, but even after choosing them, we cant start accepting someone to do or become something he’s not. That will only crush the person and nothing else. So why not accept someone for what they are ! We should, that comes with many advantages. First of all, it will boost the confidence of the person to such a level, even one day you will be proud of that. Secondly, it would make life much more easier in every aspect.

Finally, I would like to say that in my life I have always accepted people for what they are not for what i think they should be. It has always given me a chance to know them in a better way and have always helped me to strengthen our relationship. The best thing is that, it makes us versatile by developing in such a way that one day you would realize that there’s nothing such as a comfort zone in your life, because everyone out there has something to show to you & to give to you.

PS : Give everyone in your life to open themselves up , to show what they are and what they mean. I assure it definitely will help. šŸ™‚

Thanks for stopping by and reading this. Keep smiling and have a wonderful life my friend.Ā  šŸ™‚