Friendship : Decoded !

Recently International Friendship Day (Observed on First Sunday of August) went by. It meant celebration of FRIENDSHIP! This made me wonder- what friendship actually is ?

Giving my second thought to the question and stressing over a couple of days, here i am with my second post.

FRIEND or FRIENDSHIP, these words aren’t new to anyone of us. Right? But does its meaning remain same for all of us ? I sincerely doubt !

The moment a child steps out of the house for the very first time entering school, he/she starts to socialize, and make friends. How simple life was when we were kids! Anyone we talked to instantly became our friend with no hidden hard feelings.When sitting together in the class or playing all together made the best buddies, a thread meant the symbol of friendship.I wish the things were same now.

As we grow up, friends get categorized: friends, acquaintances, classmates, hostel mates, college friends, coaching friends, friends of same group, close friends, best friends and the list is long! One or two of the lucky ones would get the honorable tag of being the best friends! Silly but true isn’t it? The amount of sharing depends on the category we fall in & the level of friendship shared with them.

Well, that perfectly marked the difference from what childhood friendship was sharing everything equally with everyone. No ifs and buts! But the scene changes as we mature. Words are chosen with respect to the listener not the speaker.

Then the next question comes to my mind that- how do i justify friendship in the present scenario?

Everyone says that best friend knows it all. I ask you, is it really true? Aren’t there still some things deep in your heart that even your best friend doesn’t have a clue about? Whatever be your answer, yes or no. It did make you think for a while. Didn’t it?

But why do we divide the categories? Sharing a bit here and a bit there because we are scared of putting all the eggs in the same basket?? Is it the insecurity of being judged or the presumptions that the person won’t just understand? Or there isn’t enough trust in the person/ friendship? Or the fear that the secret we hold so deep in our heart will not be a secret anymore?
Sometimes these questions really freaks me out and make me think more. You never know, even the best relationship in the world can give a hard time to your neurons. 

What is the reason, I wonder! Why can’t we treat every friend equal? I understand the fact that everything can’t be told to every single person whom we call our friend (with ever increasing friend list on social media) but what about inner circle of friends we have? Do we share everything with them? I am sure the answer will be NO!

Few of my friends gave an explanation saying– ‘ In today’s world, people don’t have time !’ Really? I bet, if i  get that busy someday, i would definitely not survive for more than a couple of days. No one in this world expects you to give a knock on their door everyday or chitchat on a daily basis. But doing it even once a week, would give them immense happiness and bring a smile on their face. And that didn’t include whatsapp or messaging, but according to the tech savvy genX, even that would work i guess. Will it?

So eventually, with so many friends around, we end up being alone with the company of those unspoken thoughts circling our mind constantly waiting to be heard.
So, is this friendship is all about?? May be!

I never thought of decoding a perfect definition of a friend or for that matter friendship. But to take a second thought of what friendship in particular means for us. Everyone will have their own version of friendship,and its very justified, but what are we doing to keep its spirit alive? Being in tough with your friends will obviously make you a more happier person, someone will always be there to hold your hand walk along with you. 

Whatever we might go through or whatever we might/might not hide, we still need friends and for them we will always be ready to do anything because although we don’t share ourselves wholly, we do share a part of us with each one of them differently!

So fellas, stay connected to your pals ! If possible ring them, message them and talk your heart out. Maybe the person would have been waiting to hear from you, so when you cross each other someday, a smile would fill in the gap instead of weird awkwardness.

Stay Happy and Stay Blessed ! 

Do share what you think about friendship? 🙂