I Want To Be Special To Someone

I just happen to receive a mail from someone asking to write something about how I feel about the people who have a special place in my life.

Here something that comes out of my mind on this ;

This is just a glimpse of what it really means when we say that ” I want to be special to Someone ” ;
The feeling or just a thought of being special to someone gives a total smile on our faces and we feel something even i cannot describe here. What I can is that whenever we start expecting to be treated as special by somebody, either we get so excited that we hamper it our self or the other way round, we are disappointment.
So what’s wrong in expecting and wanting to be special to someone ? I say, its totally fine ! We always have the right to feel the way we have always wanted about a person, whether being special to your parents or your friends or for that matter the person you love the most. Just remember that it won’t work that long if it’s one sided, so when you expect something please be ready and give that person what it needs to be special, so that neither of you get disappointment.

I have many of them in my life with whom it sometimes feels like there’s hardly any bonding, but all the spark comes back whenever we talk or for that matter even meet. It’s not possible for everybody to give a special place to everyone in their life, but it does matter how much you have the equation of the relationship solved with that person. For friends (the good ones) it a month, a year or even two doesn’t matter, what matters is the attitude the person carries towards us.

That’s all i have on this, because it feels great when you’re surrounded by people who always care for you and will do whatever to keep that smile on your face intact. I am glad that I have many of them in my life & wish the same for you all.
Keep Smiling and have a good life !

PS : Do tell people how you feel about them if they can’t make out because just remember they are also human beings and they don’t have any sixth sense to read your feeling automatically. 🙂 🙂